Tenure track Assistant Professor in Computer Science directed towards Logic of Programs (Deadline: April 3)
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Erik Palmgren
2018-03-15 17:41:15 UTC
Here is a position that might be of interest to the readers of the Agda
and Coq lists.

The Department of Mathematics, at Stockholm University is offering a
tenure track position as Assistant Professor in Computer Science
directed towards Logic of Programs.

Some features

- The subject of the position includes program verification,
implementation of proof systems, and applications of proof theory in
programming, functional programming, and semantics of programming languages.
- Possibilities to work with the wellknown logic/type theory group
- The teaching load is at most 30 % for the first 4 years.
- Proficiency in Swedish is not a requirement at the time of
appointment, but the candidate should be prepared to carry out teaching
and administrative duties that require proficiency in Swedish within two
years of employment.

​Full announcement:


Erik Palmgren

Professor of Mathematical Logic